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    For a minimum donation of $40, the whole family can support SCS via a family membership! Families will receive updates on SCS's activities and events, and will receive our annual report calendar. After donating, you will be redirected to a page where you can add the names of your family members to your donation. 

  • King Salmon Membership

    Give $100 or more and you'll join our King Salmon membership group. 

    "King salmon, one of the most beautiful and respected fish in the world,  can live up to 8 years and can migrate up to 10,000 miles during their time at sea. To navigate, they use their sublime abilities to detect direction of water flow and to sense subtle shifts in temperature, and their very acute sense of smell, said to be thousands of times that of dogs, to detect watersheds and water masses. When it comes time, king salmon return to the stream they were born in to continue this ageless cycle"

    You will be kept updated on SCS news and events, and will receive two Annual Report calendars during our yearly calendar mailing. This donation can be made individually or on behalf of your entire family!

Thank you for supporting the Tongass, healthy ecosystems, and sustainable communities!